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what is cybercrime?

In this article, you gonna learn about  "what is cyber crime?","what are types of cybercrime?"
"A real-time example of cybercrime", Reasons, At last, you will learn how to prevent cyber crimes/attacks.

cybercrime is a revolutionary threat in 2020.

You have to know most of the people thinks the only form of cybercrime is hacker stealing your financial data. Sorry to say it does not stop here.
what is cybercrime

 What's more, a bunch of more concerns in which (related to managing money) data is the most common one.

Every year cyber crime is spreading with a vast range. I know the sound's scary. you might be thinking to stop using the internet entirely. That’s probably too drastic.

Hence, You should know-how cybercrime works to prevent cyber attacks.

You have to understand First "what is cybercrime?"That can help you to protect your data from bad people.
We also Discuss

  • cybercrime definition
  • Types of cyber crime
  • examples of cyber crime
  • reasons of cyber crime
  • How to protect yourself against cybercrime

what is cyber crime?

what is cybercrime

Cyber crime is any crime that happens online using computers and the Internet. Computer criminals often do crimes by targeting computer networks or devices

At the same time, Computer crimes include online scams, child trafficking in pornography and intellectual property, Stealing personal data, or identities.

Further, internet crime is causing huge threats because the internet and computer are now parts of major businesses, Like (the buying and selling of goods), entertainment, and Government sectors.

Because of the quick adoption and use of computers in Us. In fact most of the beginning victims from the US.

Evens SO, In the 21st Century, According to Statista, there is hardly any industry left that is not affected by cyber crime.

what is cyber crime definitions?

cybercrime definition


cybercrime Definitions:

The Most Common Cyber Crime Definition that you can find anywhere on Google
"Those criminal activities carried out by means of computers on the internet."

Cybercrime definition by me 

Any criminal activity that involves the computer and the internet. In this case, Music Files Download Illegally to steal money from Bank Accounts.

In the meantime, Computer attacks also include the creation and sharing of viruses to other computers. Or uploading any confidential business data on the web.

Cybercrime definition by DOJ
The Department of Justice U.S classified the definition into three :

  • To begin with, Using a computer as a tool in a crime e.g, using an electronic device to obtain private information.

  •  A crime that uses systems to access a private network

  • Lastly, Any Crime with the use of the computer as the main tool- namely as  Dos Attack

what are types of cybercrime?

 what are types of cybercrime?


To Keep It Simple, Internet crime is any kind of criminal behavior that happens through computerized implies.

classifications of cyber crime's

Check out:Top 10 types of cyber attacks are most common in 2020[Full Guide]
  • Cyber extortion: An attack combined with an interest in cash to stop the attack. One type of cyber extortion is the ransomware attack.

  • Crypto jacking: that uses scripts to mine Bitcoin or any currency within browsers without the user's permission.

  • Identity theft: Similarly, that performs to obtains a person's personal information illegally.

  • Credit Card Theft: In particular, that happens when computer criminals get into stores' systems to get the credit card and/or banking information of their customers.

  • Cyber espionage:  that runs to hack networks  of government or other organization to obtain confidential information

  • Software piracy: Also involves the illegal copying, distribution, and use of software programs with the plan/purpose of commercial or personal use.

  • Exit scam: The dark web, as expected, has given rise to the digital version of an old crime known as the exit scam.

 what is an example of cyber crime?

 In the same way, what really is a cyber crime? And are there any most popular examples?

In summary, We discuss the most famous examples of cyber attacks execute every day by criminals.
examples of cyber attacks


Malware attacks:

In which a system and network affected by a virus.

For the most part, This attack used to steal information or causing damage to data. Although, A true real-time example WAnnacry ransomware attack in May 2017.

However, The attack hits the 150 counties approx infected 230,000 computers. Users do not access their files and sent a message.

Worldwide, the Wanna-Cry cyber crime is guessed (number) to have caused $4 billion in (losing money).


Phishing campaign messages may contain infected attachments or links to evil and cruel locations. Together with, they may ask the receiver to respond with private information.

Furthermore, In 2018 Phishing scam happened over the World Cup.

According to reports by Inc, the World Cup phishing scam involved emails that were sent to football fans.

In conclusion, Another Phishing case: Coca-Cola has warned people to ignore a fraudulent email asking recipients to send their personal details for their chance to scoop $2.3million ...

DDoS attacks

A DDoS attack (overloads and surrounds with too much of something) a system by using one of the standard communication rules of conduct it uses to spam the system with connection requests.

Even so, A famous example of this type of attack is the 2017 DDoS attack on the UK National Lottery website.  

This brought the lottery's website and mobile app offline, preventing UK people (who lawfully live in a country, state, etc.) from playing.


what are the reasons for cyber crime?

The Concept of Law" has said 'human beings are capable of being hurt so rule of law must protect them'.

In brief, Applying this to the world of computers we may say that computers are capable of being hurt so rule of law must protect and safeguard them against computer crime.
what are the reasons for cyber crime

As a result, The reasons for the weakness (that could be used to hurt someone or something) of computers may be said to be

  •  Data Storage in a small space:

In this case, The computer has like nothing else in the world feature of storing data in a very small space. thus, it makes it much easier to get information easily from one place.

  • Easy to access
Similarly, By the secret insert key loggers that can steal number-based passwords, advanced voice recorders; retina imagers, etc.

  • Complex
Every computer has an operating system.and these operating systems composed of millions of codes.

Especially, For an ordinary person who doesn't have knowledge of programming. The cyber criminals take advantage of these lacunas and penetrate into the systems.

  • Negligence
Above all, Human Negligence still gives access to criminals and control over the systems.

How to prevent cyber crime?


Even So, now you understand the threat computer-based crime represents, what are the best ways to protect your computer and your personal data?
How to prevent cyber crime?

To this end, here are our top tips: How to protect yourself against cybercrime?

  • Use a full-service web security suite

  • Keep the operating system updated

  • Use strong passwords

  • keep your personal information safe

  • Strengthen your home network

  • teach your kids how to use the internet

  • keep updated your account details

  • Beware of spams links or emails

  • keep an eye on financial account details

Lastly, Before you go I have a Question  For you. What is your opinion about cybercrime?

I hope, Now you understand the threat of what is cybercrime?  how you can protect yourself from cybercrime? and your loving one from it.

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