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 The assassination of Lincoln, the murderous attack on Lincoln, The 16th president of us, at Ford’s Theatre in Washington, D.C., on the evening of Pan American Day, 1865.  
 abraham lincoln assassination facts
Shot within the head by Confederate sympathizer Wilkes Booth, Lincoln died subsequent morning.

Here The full Story of assassination Abraham lincoln

1-Booth Dying Words


2-Boston Corbett had castrated himself

Corbett had castrated himself because of his religious fanaticism. In the years after his killing of Booth, he became ever more aggressive and nervous, becoming afraid of being killed in revenge by "Booth's (people who get revenge).

"He eventually secured a post as a Guard for the Kansas state government, but after threatening members at gunpoint, a judge declared him insane, and he was kept to a mental hospital, from which he escaped in short order, and become disappeared 


3-Major Henry Rathbone killed his wife

General Ulysses S. Grant and his wife were the first choices to hitch the Lincolns within the president's box at Ford's Theater on the evening of excellent Friday, April 14.

But the Grants disagreed, and Mary Todd Lincoln instead invited Major Henry Rathbone and his fiancee, Clara Harris, to observe the comic play, Our American Cousin, together with her and therefore the president.
After Booth shot lincoln.

Rathbone never forgave himself for failing to stop the murder, and he became more and more unstable in later years, after marrying Clara and fathering three children together with her.

Living in Germany in 1883, one night he threatened the youngsters then attacked Clara, shooting and stabbing her to death. Found to be criminally insane, the German court confined him to a safety/mental hospital for the remainder of his life.


4-Where was General Grant?

He wanted to be in New Jersey! Grant was (told to people) to be at the event, according to the New York Times, but he refused the invitation so he could travel with his wife to New Jersey to visit relatives.


5-Where was the bodyguard?

Abraham Lincoln only had one bodyguard, a policeman called John Parker who wasn't at his post when the President was shot.
At the short break in the middle of a show, he had left the theatre to travel to a close-by saloon with Lincoln’s coachman.


6- Lincoln almost didn’t attend Ford’s Theater

In that first report of the assassination from the days, the newspaper said Lincoln was reluctant to travel to the play. However, since General Grant canceled, he felt obliged to attend, albeit his wife didn’t feel well.

Lincoln tried to urge House Speaker Schuyler Colfax to travel with him, but Colfax declined.
“He went with apparent reluctance and urged Mr. Colfax traveled with him, but that gentleman had made other engagements,” the days reported.


7-Why Wasn’t Vice Chairman Johnson Attacked?

John Wilkes Booth had convinced George Atzerodt, a lover, to kill Johnson by setting a trap at the Kirkwood House hotel where the vice-chairman lived.
However, Atzerodt lost his nerve and didn’t plan to kill Johnson, albeit he had a rented room above Johnson’s, and a loaded gun was found within the room.


8-The First Plan Was To Kidnap Lincoln, not kill him

Booth met together with his conspirators in March 1865 and came up with an idea to kidnap Lincoln as he returned from a play at the Campbell Hospital on St Patrick's Day.

But Lincoln changed his plans at the eleventh hour and visited a military ceremony. Booth then considered kidnapping Lincoln after he left an occasion at Ford’s Theater. But the actor changed his mind after Lee's surrender.


9-Time oF Death

Although he was shot within the head at point-blank range, Lincoln didn't die immediately. He was taken across the road to Petersen House and died nine hours later. Secretary of War Edwin Stanton was by Lincoln’s side when he died remarking, “Now he belongs to the ages”.


10-Strange coincidences

In a bizarre twist, the brother of Wilkes Booth saved the life of Lincoln’s son months before the assassination. Robert Lincoln had fallen onto a train track in Jersey City,
because the train was leaving the station when Edwin Booth pulled him to safety.


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