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who is Al Capone
who is al capone
Alphonse Gabriel Capone mostly people know him by his nickname "scarface" American Gangster and business person. 

However, Who was co-founder and the boss Chicago Mafia.

Al Capone carrier ended when he got into prison for seven years at the age of 33.
To complete bio about "who is Al Capone?"


Capone Biography

Al Capone birthplace in Brooklyn, NewYork in 1899. He belongs to an immigrant family. His Journey of crime Started. when he dropped out of school at the age of 14 in 6th Grade.

With the passage of time, He joined the James Street Boys gang as a member. At that time johnny, torrio was the leader of that gang.

who is al capone
who is al capone

At the age of 16, Capone became a member of the Five Point gang and served the aspiring Master Francisco Aile.

Capone involved in several criminal activities in his 20s.

(Vito Genovese: The Genovese Crime Family Boss (1897 - 1969)

How Capone's known for scarface? 

In a young scrape at the Harvard Inn, a young criminal named Frank Galluccio deeply cut  

Capone with a knife or razor across his left cheek after Capone made a sexual comment to  

Galluccio's sister. causing the later nickname "Scarface." 

who is al capone
who is al capone

 Capone kill's  white hand gang member

Capone later shot the winner of a neighborhood craps game to death as he robbed him of his winnings.

even though there is the existence of being questioned by the police, Capone was let go because no one had seen the murder.

In another event, Capone harshly attacked a member of the fighting White Hand gang and left him for dead.

Since White Hand gang leaders promised revenge, Yale sent Capone, his wife, and his young child to Chicago to work for Torrio.

who is al capone
who is al capone

Al Capone Chicago Life

In 1924 Capone was responsible for the murder of Joe Howard in revenge for Howard's  

earlier attack of one of Capone's friends. William McSwiggin, an aggressive lawyer who tries to prove someone guilty, attempted but did

not accuse Capone when the eyewitnesses to the killing, fearing harm, lost their nerve, and denied remembering the event.

Later that year Torrio and Capone joined  Yale and other associates to murder gang leader Dion O'Bannion in his flower shop. O'Bannion's associates Hymie Weiss and George Moran were unsuccessful in their attempt to kill Torrio in early 1925.

In 1925, Capone became boss when Torrio, seriously wounded in a murder attempt, gave up control and retired to Brooklyn.

Capone had built a scary reputation in the cruel gang of the period, struggling to receive and keep"money-based crime rights" to areas of Chicago.

That reputation grew as rival gangs were eliminated or nullified, and the suburb of Cicero became, in effect, an land under one person's control of the Capone mob.


Saint Valentine's Day

Seven men were murdered at the garage at 2122 North Clark Street, in the Lincoln Park neighborhood of North Side Chicago's At 10:30 a.m Thursday, February 14, 1929

They were shot by four men using weapons that included two Thompson submachine guns. 

The killing of many people was generally credited to the Capone mob, although Al himself was in Florida.

who is al capone
who is al capone
Also in 1929, Capone served somewhere in the range of 10 months in Holmesburg Prison, in Philadelphia, after being accused (of a crime) for having a hidden handgun.

Many Americans were surprisingly given great ideas from the very strong picture of Capone. Actually, the movie, Scarface: The Shame of a Nation (1932), directed by Howard Hawks, starred Paul Muni

in the role of a gangster fully based on Capone, who reportedly received a copy of the film for private testings so decisions can be made.

On June 5, 1931, Capone was accused (of a crime) for 22 counts of federal income-tax evasion for the years 1925 through 1929.

On June 12 Capone and others were charged with a crime of an arrangement to ignore Prohibition laws for the years 1922 to 1931.

In October Capone was attempted, seen as responsible for damage on three of the 23 counts, and sentenced to 11 years in jail and $50,000 in fines and court costs.

He entered Atlanta prison in May 1932 but was moved (from one place to another) to the new Alcatraz prison in August 1934.

In November 1939, entered a Baltimore hospital. Later he retired to his Florida estate, where he died from (stopped heart) in 1947.

Frequently Asked Questions Related to Capone's Life

who is Al Capone
who is al Capone

How much did Al Capone make?

According to Investopedia,

By 1929, Capone's income from the varied aspects of his business included: $60 million from illegal alcohol,

$25 million from gambling establishments, $10 million from vice, and another $10 million from various other rackets


Why is Al Capone so famous?

According to History

Born in 1899 in Brooklyn, New York, to poor immigrant parents, Capone went on to become the foremost infamous gangster in American history.


In 1920 during the peak of Prohibition, Capone's multi-million dollar Chicago operation in bootlegging, prostitution and gambling dominated the gangland scene.


Who caught Al Capone?

According to Wikipedia:
Eliot Ness (April 19, 1903 - May 16, 1957) was an American Prohibition specialist, documented for his tries to bring down Capone and support as correct Prohibition in Chicago, Illinois,

and the leader of a famous team of enforcement agents from Chicago nicknamed The Untouchables.


What did Al Capone die of?

Source: Britannica
Al Capone died of cardiac arrest in 1947, but his decline began earlier.

After his move (from one place to another) to Alcatraz prison, his mental and physical condition broke down from reduces deteriorated from paresis (a late stage of syphilis).

In November 1939, entered a Baltimore hospital. Later he retired to his Florida estate, where he died from (stopped heart) in 1947.


To be concluded that in this article we quick overview and story about"who is Al Capone"

About his childhood, Life, death, and most searches about Al Capone.

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