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Top 10 Types Of Cyber Attacks are Most Common in 2020?
How many of you know 'what a person can do with cyber-attacks'? 
In this article I'll share with you Top 10 types of Cyber Attacks are most common in 2020
And also share with Worldwide Cybercrime Overview.

Introduction of cyber attacks

The only way to protect yourself from a threat is to know the threat that's targeting you. This is extremely important for everyone because businesses are attacked by computer criminals every single day.
Yet (even though there is the existence of) this, only 32% of UK businesses identified an attack in the last six months.

types of cyber attacks
types of cyber attacks

 Cyber attacks haven't slowed. They've become harder to detect.
Which is why it's more important now than ever to know the types of cyber attacks your business faces.
types of cyber attacks
types of cyber attacks

What is Cyber crime?

Cyber crime is any crime that happens online using computers and the Internet. 

However, Computer criminals often do crimes by targeting computer networks or devices

 What is a Cyber Attack?

A cyber attack that target's to steal information from the victim's systems.

namely, computer networks, personal devices, infrastructures, etc.

Furthermore, The main motive of this Attack is to damage, destroy data, information systems.

What is a Cyber Attack?

Today I’ll explain the 10 most common types of cyber attacks

types of cyber attacks
types of cyber attacks

In addition, Most Common Types of Cyber Attacks
  • Denial-of-service (DOS) and distributed denial-of-service (DDOS) attack

In the cyber world, the main motive of the DOS attack is to shut down the network or service.

make it to be unable to be used by its users.

The attacks complete this mission by overloading and surrounding with too much of something. DOS are counting in one of the most popular types of cyber attacks

DOS attack
types of cyber threats

However, the target with traffic or flooding it with information that triggers a crash.

In both situations, the DOS attack denies real and true users such as workers, account holders, and members of the useful valuable service they expected.

DDOS Attack mostly attacks a web server or high profile organization,

for more information regarding DDOS attack and how to prevent

man in the middle attack
types of cyber attacks

MitM(types of cyber attacks)

Man-in-the-middle (MitM) attacks, also referred to as eavesdropping attacks.

Man-in-the-middle (M-I-T-M) attacks are a kind of cybersecurity breach that permits an 

attacker to eavesdrop a communication between two entities.

In contrast, The attack occurs between two legitimate communicating parties,

enabling the attacker to intercept communication they ought to otherwise not be ready to access.

Hence, the name "Man-in-the-middle"
man in the middle attack
types of cyber attacks

The attacker “listens” to the conversation by intercepting the general public key message transmission and

re transmits the message while interchanging the requested key together with his own.

Even so, If two parties are communicating with each other, the attacker can access and  

change the message without knowing the sender before it is transmitted to the receiver.
 furthermore info

  •  Phishing and spear-phishing (types of cyber attacks)


An Attack that Goal is gaining personal information or influencing users to try to something 

by sending emails. It happens when an attacker tricks a person to open a text a message, 

email, or instant message, etc.

 Then the victim is open the link that can cause a ransomware attack

that can cause reveal their private information or initializing the malware.

The result can be even worse, For an individual, this includes identity theft, stealing of money, or unauthorized buying.

Phishing and spear-phishing
types of cyber attacks

Spear-phishing attacks

This attack is based on an email aimed toward a specific individual or organization, desiring unauthorized access to crucial information.

These attacks aren't executed by random attackers but are probably done by people out for trade secrets, gain, or military intelligence.

Spear phishing emails appear to originate from a private within the recipient’s own organization or someone the target knows personally.

 very often, government-sponsored hacktivists and hackers perform these activities. 

Cyber criminals also perform these attacks with the aim of reselling confidential data to non-public companies and governments.

Phishing and spear-phishing
types of cyber attacks

this attack quite similar to previous types of cyber attacks:more information
  • Drive-by attack

A drive-by attack may be a common method of distributing malware. A cyber attacker looks for an insecure website and plants a malicious script into PHP or HTTP in one of the pages.

This script can install malware into the pc that visits this website or

become an I FRAME that redirects the victim’s browser into a site controlled by the attacker.

In most cases, these scripts are hidden on purpose, and this makes the code to be  

complicated to research by security researchers.

These attacks are referred to as drive-by because they don't require any action on the  

the victim's part except visiting the damaged website.

Drive-by attack
types of cyber attacks

once they visit the compromised site, they automatically and silently become infected if their computer is susceptible to the malware,

especially, if they need not applied security updates to their applications.

to know more
  • Password attack

A password attack simply means an effort to decrypt or obtain a user’s password with illegal intentions.
Crackers can use password sniffers, dictionary attacks, and cracking programs in password attacks.

There are few defense mechanisms against password attacks,

Password attack
types of cyber attacks

but usually, the remedy is inculcating a password policy that has a minimum length, frequent changes, and unrecognizable words.

Password attacks are often given/gave by recovering passwords stored or exported through a figuring out system.

The password recovery is usually done by continuously guessing the password through a computer set of computer instructions.

the PC tries combinations until it successfully discovers the password

  • SQL injection attack

SQL injection also referred to as SQLI, maybe a quite attack that employs malicious code to 

control back-end databases to access information that wasn't meant for display.

this might include numerous items including private customer details, user lists, or sensitive company data. SQLI can have devastating effects on a business.

A successful SQLI attack can cause the deletion of whole tables, unauthorized viewing of user lists, and

sometimes, the attacker can gain (related to managing and running a company or organization) access to a (computer file full of information).
SQL injection attack
types of cyber attacks

  • Cross-site scripting (XSS) attack

likewise, XSS attacks enable attackers to inject client-side scripts into sites viewed by other users.

Cross-site scripting
types of cyber attacks

Flaws that allow these attacks to succeed are quite (existing all over a large area)

and happen anywhere an internet computer program uses input from a user

within the output, it creates without validating or translating it.

To learn more: XSS attack
  • Eavesdropping attack

Eavesdropping attacks its quite popular among the cyber world by its name 

In brief, sniffing may be a network security attack

where private tries to steal the knowledge that smartphones, computers and other digital devices send or receive.

This hack capitalizes on unsecured network transmissions to access the info being transmitted.

Eavesdropping is challenging to detect since it doesn’t cause abnormal data transmissions.

These attacks target weakened transmissions between the client and server that permits the attacker to receive network transmissions.


Meanwhile, An attacker can install network monitors like sniffers on a server or computer to perform an eavesdropping attack and intercept data because it's being transmitted

Any device within the transmitting and receiving network may be a vulnerability point, including the terminal and initial devices themselves.

In fact, a method to protect against these attacks is knowing what devices are connected to a selected network and what software is run on these devices.

  • Birthday attack

The birthday attack may be a statistical phenomenon that simplifies the brute-forcing of 
one-way hashes.

it's supported the birthday that states that for a 50 percent chance that somebody shares your birthday

in any room, you would like 253 individuals within the room.

birthday attack

However, for an opportunity above 50 percent, you simply require 23 people.

This probability works because these matches depend upon pairs.

Even If, you select yourself together of the pairs,

 you simply need 253 people to urge the specified number of 253 pairs.

However, if you only need matches that don’t include you,

you simply need 23 people to make 253 pairs when cross-matching with one another.

Thus, 253 is that the number you would like to accumulate a 50 percent

probability of a birthday match during a room.
  • Malware is another type of cybersecurity threat

malware attack

In which a system and network affected by a virus.

For the most part, This attack used to steal information or causing damage to data.

Although, A true real-time cyber attack example Wanna-cry ransomware attack in May 2017.

However, The attack hits the 150 counties approx infected 230,000 computers.

Users do not access their files and sent a message.

Worldwide, the wanna-cry computer-based crime is guessed (number) to have caused $4  billion in (losing money).



This article has reviewed the different types of cyber attacks. Also, that computer criminals  

use to disrupt and compromise information systems

For you to mount an honest defense reaction, you would like to know the offense. This 

review of the foremost common types of cyber attacks shows you that attackers have many 

 options while choosing attacks to compromise and disrupt information systems. you 

furthermore may get to be proactive in defending and securing your network.

Maintain an updated antivirus software, train your workers, keep your passwords strong,  

and use a low-privilege IT (surrounding conditions) model to guard yourself against  

computer attacks.

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