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Two student charged for a Teacher murder case

Junseok Chae, partner dignitary for research at ASU's School of Engineering, was accounted for missing March 25 when he didn't get back after working all day at the college. Specialists started looking through a dump in Surprise, Arizona on May 11, however, they just found his body on July 17 following a weeks-in length manhunt that included many individuals working 15-hour moves and cost a huge number of dollars. Police say they discovered related proof in the landfill too.

Two young people, Javian Ezell, 19, and Gabrielle Austin, 18, were captured in Shreveport, Louisiana after supposedly being discovered driving the teacher's vehicle. They deal with indictments of first-degree murder, vehicle burglary, and furnished theft.

Police say the two purportedly murdered Chae before leaving his body in a dumpster, which was then exhausted out in the landfill. The thought process and methods for the supposed homicide were not promptly clear, and police have not revealed what connection, assuming any, the two youngsters had to the teacher.

Each is being held on a $1 million bond after taking (from another state/country) to Arizona.

Chae, who got his college degree in South Korea, had worked at ASU investigating and showing electrical building and software engineering since 2005. He held four licenses, had distributed in excess of 150 scholarly papers, and wrote a book, as indicated by ASU's site.

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