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10 criminals who turned their lives around
In this article, we talked about people who change their life give us a lesson. Who came from Dark to light. Such as, Daniel Manville, Kevin Mitnick, Charles Wendell Colson, and more...

10 criminals who turned their lives around

Daniel Manville

Daniel Manville wiki


Daniel Manville is an American lawyer professor an advocate of prisoners rights but that's mainly because he was once a prisoner himself in 1973 when studying a

Michigan College Manville pled guilty to voluntary manslaughter he was helping a friend get back drugs and money that had been stolen but during the siege of the alleged thief

two people unexpectedly walked in Manville chloroformed one of them but they had a bad reaction to the chemical and died Manville served almost four years in prison as a

result but during his time in prison Manville turned things around he continued his studies and managed to obtain two college degrees after his parole he passed the bar exams

in Michigan and Washington throughout his legal career Manville strive to improve the prison system and would represent inmates and prison guards in civil cases today Manville teaches law at

Michigan State University  

 Kevin Mitnick 

Kevin Minick bio


From a young age, Kevin Mitnick learned how to compromise cybersecurity systems he gained access to the Los Angeles bus system at

13 and allegedly hacked the North American Aerospace Defense Command computer in 1981 at the age of just seventeen over the next ten years Mitnick continued to hack into corporate

organizations gaining access to some of the most well-guarded systems including those of Motorola net comp and Nokia this made him the first hacker to appear on the most-wanted

list of the FBI and in 1995 he was charged with 14 counts of fraud and served five years in prison but after his time in prison Mitnick reinvented himself

as a security consultant and ethical hacker selling his skills under his trading name Linux security as a tester to help companies discover loopholes in their security systems he is

now a trusted security consultant to fortune 500 companies and governments all over the world  

Charles Wendell Colson 

Charles Wendell Colson wiki


Charles Wendell Colson was an aide to America President Richard

Nixon during the 1970s but in 1974 he was tried and convicted for his part in the notorious Watergate scandal in a cover-up to hide the activities that took place

to destroy the credibility of pentagon analyst Daniel Ellsberg he served seven months in prison in his memoir born again and Colson wrote I found myself increasingly drawn to the

the idea that God had put me in prison for a purpose and that I should do something for those I had left behind Carlson had a religious awakening during his

sentence and left with a new mission he founded Prison Fellowship in 1976 which has become America's biggest Christian nonprofit organization serving prisoners former prisoners and their families and is

a leading advocate for criminal justice reform in recognition for his work in the field Colson was awarded the prestigious Templeton Prize for progress in religion in 1993

Georgia Durante

Georgia Durante bio

 Georgia Durante embarked on a career as a model at the age of 12 and by the age of 17 she was the most photographed girl in America

while continuing to establish herself as a model into adulthood connections through her husband led to her becoming a getaway driver for the New York Mafia, in particular, the Gambino

family, she accompanied them on robberies and shootings and became a career moving millions of dollars in packages for the family I was appearing on covers of magazines who was

going to suspect me she famously asked following physical abuse from her husband she realized she needed to divorce him and cut ties with the mob she then put her

experience behind the wheel to a more legal use Durante found fame as a Hollywood stunt woman her first movie job came in 1984 in Beverly Hills Cop and she

eventually even founded her own Hollywood stunt company to date she has appeared in twenty feature films and 300 commercials

Danny Trejo 

Danny Trejo

 the ultimate movie bad guy who

in real life well was a bad guy throughout his earlier years Trejo spent a lot of time in prisons for various crimes including drug dealing but during one of

his sentences Trejo started a riot and seriously injured a god when he hit him on the head with a rock Trejo was placed in solitary confinement where he thought

he would receive the death penalty as a result of some of the charges against him, in the end, Trejo got off the hook but this close shave with death

was the catalyst for him to turn his life around he became a drug counselor and in 1985 Trejo showed up on the set for the film runaway train to

help a client it was on these charts visit the Trejo was asked if he'd like to be an extra in the movie playing the part of an inmate how

fitting now here's a Hollywood icon whose cred includes the blockbuster Spy Kids desperado and from dusk till dawn to name just a few of his 300 film credits Bubble

The boy is obviously number one

 judge Greg Mathis 

 judge Greg Mathis
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 once said I'm living proof that people can change and he certainly is just that at the

age of just 15 Mathis became involved in a gang and quickly got a criminal record for breaking and entering and stealing when he was just 17 years old he

was arrested on a concealed weapons charge and ended up in prison it was in prison that Malthus decided to turn his life around following a promise that he made

to his mother, before she died Mathis passed his high school exams earned a university degree and a law degree and passed the far exam he became an attorney in 1993 and in 1994 he ran for a seat on the bench of Michigan's busiest court Mathis won the election and became the courts youngest ever

district court judge in 1998 warner brothers offered Mathis his own courtroom style TV show aptly named judge Mathis which debuted in 1999 and is still on the air to

date there have been two thousand episodes across 19 seasons

 Jay Z Shawn Carter 

 Jay Z Shawn Carter


started selling cocaine on the streets of the drug-infested Marcy projects housing estate

in New York when he was just 12 years old and even dropped out of high school to sell the drug to make money Carter also absorbed the gun culture

that was rife in the neighborhood resulting in him shooting his own brother in the shoulder but Carter managed to turn his life around through music which he turned to

at a young age to escape from the violence and poverty of the drug that surrounded him in 1989 he collaborated with the rapper Jasso on a song called the originators and

created the stage name jay-z rather than waiting to get signed to a label jay-z created his own label Rockefeller records and released his debut album reasonable doubt in 1996

and well the rest is history to date jay-z has sold 50 million albums and won ten Grammys his net worth is eight hundred and ten million dollars and oh

yes he's married to Beyonce  

Eugene Francois Vidocq

Eugene Francois Vidocq wiki

Eugene Francois Vidocq was a juvenile criminal in the 19th century France he spent the earlier parts of his life committing

crimes such as theft and fraud and spent a lot of time in prison but Vidocq turned things around after he went it's the execution of one of his oldest

friends decided to leave his criminal ways behind he offered his services to the police as an informant and was placed in a Parisian jail as a spy reporting on

his fellow inmates this made redock the first-ever private investigator v-dog organized in the informal police force which was eventually given the official name of Surratt a Nationale by Napoleon

Bonaparte, it was the predecessor to the modern French National Police and its course of 28 X criminals covered the whole of Paris significantly reducing crime in the capital redock

later became the basis for fictional detectives including Arthur Conan Doyle Sherlock Holmes and Victor Hugo Javert in lay miserably

 Larry Lawton 

 Larry Lawton


 Larry Lawton was one of the biggest jewel thieves in America during the 90s he began his life of crime in his 20s taking bets on the streets of New York, in fact, Larry became so

successful that he was recognized by members of organized crime who asked him to work for them Larry then began robbing jewelry stores and over the course of seven years

he robbed 20 stores and got away with 15 million dollars in diamonds alone earning his place on the FBI's most-wanted list Larry was eventually captured and was sentenced

to 12 years in prison following his release Lawton established the reality check program in which he uses his own experience to educate at-risk young people and save them from

a life of crime and imprisonment he is now an honorary police officer and is the first ex-convict in the states to receive the honor

John Lee Clary

John Lee Clary


John Lee Clary was born in June 1959 in Oklahoma where he was raised in a racist home by his father who encouraged hatred toward minorities at the age of

14 he became involved in gangs and eventually joined the Ku Klux Klan where he climbed the ranks to the top he partook in violent activities burning crosses outside people's

homes and even burning a church but Clary reached a turning point in his life after reading the Bible which led him to repentance he said God my life is

screwed up God I'm in a mess I need your help following his repentance he became a Pentecostal evangelist and atoned for his activity as part of the Klan he

then spent the remainder of his life offering guidance to the FBI about how white supremacy groups operate so that was ten criminals who turned their lives around 

which did you find the most impressive let us know in the comments below

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